Sharing Information about Local Schools

Welcome to My Local School, a website designed to open up access to schools data for parents and all others with an interest in their local school.

What's new  

The Cabinet Secretary for Education recently announced a proposal to no longer routinely publish teacher assessment data and National Reading and Numeracy Tests data below the national level, from 2018/19 onwards.

Welsh Government has today published a consultation to seek public views upon the proposed changes. A link to the consultation, which closes on 30 January 2018, is available to access below.

The site contains a wealth of data from contextual information, such as data on pupil numbers and characteristics, to school performance, attendance and data on staffing and finance. The performance data within the site is also set within context. For example schools are benchmarked against schools with similar levels of Free School Meals and compared against schools in the same "families" (groups of schools facing a broadly equivalent level of challenge). We believe that this is the best and fairest way of considering the performance of a school.

The site has been developed to allow on-line access to detailed data about the performance of a school and to help parents understand, engage with and support their local school. However the data will only go so far in describing the performance of a school and it is important to consider other sources of information, such as Estyn Reports and the schools themselves, in considering which school your child may wish to attend.

My Local School seeks to reflect the performance of all pupils in a school so that the approach is inclusive and consistently applied. This reflects the inclusive approach taken to Special Educational Needs (SEN) in Wales and the Welsh Government’s central concern for the outcomes for all learners.

It is important to note that the provision for Special Educational Needs (SEN) pupils may vary from school to school – some schools may have designated units in which all pupils with SEN are taught, while in other schools SEN pupils may be educated in mainstream classes. For further information about the nature of SEN provision in individual schools, the schools should be contacted directly.

Features Include:
  • bilingual access to information on individual schools
  • postcode search displaying schools within a local area
  • a pen portrait of each school as well as facilitating a more in-depth analysis of a school's performance against contextual measures
  • a direct link to the school's most recent Estyn report
  • option to view information as a table or chart
  • flexible charts - by clicking the items in the chart legend the user is able to add/remove data items and tailor the display of the chart
  • access to curriculum choices offered to the school at key stage 4 and a detailed breakdown of banding scores for each school
  • glossary and frequently asked questions tabs

If you have any queries or feedback, please send any feedback you may have to the mailbox marking the e-mail as "Query/Feedback about My Local School"

My Local School will be updated from the autumn each year as new data becomes available.

The site was awarded second place in a national award by the Royal Statistical Society in 2013 in their annual awards in the category for public sector presentation and communication.